Damselfly, mid Somerset

  Taken on a morning out at a mid-Somerset nature reserve in Summer 2013. I had had a not-very-productive morning tramping about looking for subjects, and as I was walking back to the… Continue reading

Otter, South Devon

  Taken on a visit to the otter sanctuary at Buckfast, South Devon, circa 2012, using my (then) new Nikon D5100. These animals are so photogenic, but a fast shutter speed (and efficient… Continue reading

Christmas in Brussels

  Taken in the early 2000s on a pre-Christmas long weekend in Brussels. The Grand Arcade has many shops like this – gift shops and chocolateries, and as you can see, they take… Continue reading


  This beautiful statue is in the main shrine room of Jamyang Buddhist Centre in South East London, where I am an occasional visitor and guest….

Hawthorn tree, Cwmllynfell, May 2012

    This tree stands at the top of the hill behind the house where we lived for a short time in West Wales, and is really the indicator of the seasons –… Continue reading

Bower Hinton in winter

  We woke up one February (2009?) to a blanket of snow of a depth which we knew pretty much straight away meant there would be very little movement in and out of… Continue reading