This is the really awkward part, so I’ll keep it mercifully (for the reader) short…… I’m a Londoner now living in beautiful South Somerset after 50 years in the Big Smoke, with my lovely-and-beautiful wife Emma and two fat, lazy cats, Bramble and Brue, alternatively sometimes known as GrumpyCat and SportyCat, or just plain Number One and Number Two.

I’m an accountant by trade, and have been a sole practitioner for over 18 years, working for business and personal clients. When I’m not busy on the above (which I try to ensure is a fair bit of the time), I’m a keen amateur photographer, lapsed but would-be guitarist and chess-player, scorer for a local cricket club, student mandolin-player, an avid reader, and I practice a land-based spirituality which is akin to Druidry. I’m a sports nut, so you can talk to me about any sport and I’ll be immediately interested (much to my wife’s bemusement)…I drink too much coffee…….oh, and I do like real ale……

More recently, and more importantly, I’ve become a ‘member’ (insofar as it’s possible to belong to something which has no common physical  identity) of the voluntary simplicity movement. I won’t expand on that here, because it merits a whole series of posts of its own, which will no doubt be forthcoming in due course, and is, in fact, the underlying theme of most of this blog’s likely content.

This blog is partially intended to showcase my photography, and I hope you’ll find something here to interest. My current ‘kit’ consists of a Nikon D5100 DSLR with Nikkor 28-55mm and 55-300mm zoom lenses. I use Photoshop Lightroom 4 and CS6, but generally like to keep post-processing to an absolute minimum (as in, zero). For me,for all the modern technology we now have at our disposal, photography is still about learning to see the shot and then record it successfully.

Maybe you’ll find something here to interest you – I certainly hope so. Maybe you’ll get angry (especially if you’re a fundamentalist in any sense at all), but most of all I hope you’ll be entertained, amused, maybe even challenged in some way…. That’s what life is for.